Customized Vintage Refrigerators

Dwayne brought these two 1930’s General Electric Monitor Top Refrigerating Units back to their former status, but with a twist. He restored them to their original condition, but reinvented them as custom beverage fridges. These units were built to last … before “planned obsolescence” became part of the way we live.

Dwayne feels these units and others are a genuine tribute to American craftsmanship and they should be appreciated and enjoyed.

Special Note(s):

  • The bodies of the units have enamel paint.
  • Model numbers are as follows: The taller legged refrigerator is a type CK – 2 – B 16 General Electric refrigerating machine. The shorter legged refrigerator is a general electric type CA – 2 – B 16 refrigerating machine.

“Dear Dwayne,

Just yesterday I was walking around the house and realized just how nice it looks with the bright, clean windows and clean siding. Thank you so much for all your work . I so much appreciate all you did and the way you went about it.”



Thank you so much—not only for your exceptional work—but for your patience with me and friendship and trustworthiness.

I’m lovin’ my finished (almost) house!”

Jo Ann

“Dwayne & Mel—


Came over Tuesday night with vacuum (a little early for that!) and was amazed at the transformation of the living area. No holes, no bumps! No yellow! I love it and can hardly wait until it is done.

Thank you both for making my new place so pretty.”


“Dear Dwayne,

Thank you very much for painting my condo for me. I’m very pleased with the results.

This move has presented several new expenses for me and I’m so glad most of them were great. I’m glad Johnston Paint referred me to you.

Thanks again!”

Gail Garey

“Dwayne: Outstanding! If you need to show it to a perspective customer, give me a call.

Thanks for your patience with my questions and comments.”

Kenny McClure

“Thank you for doing a five-star job on our kitchen remodel!”

“Dwayne’s eye for detail & quality and Mel’s dedication to matching a 3-color rag finish goes beyond what we hoped for. They are professionals in every sense of the word. We look forward to working with them again and would recommend Dwayne Browning LLC to anyone looking for a high-quality painting company.”

Ken & Janie Huskey

“Thank you, Dwayne! You raise the bar on expectations of all workmen!”

Mark & Brenda Wilson

“You did such a beautiful job refinishing my black walnut dresser!  You worked your magic, and now the grain is rich, deep and lustrous.  I’m just sorry that I didn’t have you return it to its former glory, a long time ago. And, then you did the impossible – when you restored my Father-in-Law’s collegiate chair. It looks brand new – flawless.  Thanks for restoring a priceless gift from a precious man. You are a skilled craftsman – and your love of the trade certainly shows through your work!”

Ruth Lutz